Funkage is the brain child of Claire (that’s me!) – an almost 40 year old with a slight obsession with anything funky, vintage, retro, industrial, quirky and off the wall (basically anything a bit different  – a bit like me!)
I have a love for anything old, used and once loved which may have seen better days and is not feeling the love anymore.


Whilst filling my house with unique and wacky items, I became very  aware that what I wanted was not always easy to find.


The majority of furniture and house wares weren’t to my taste and so I was forever redoing stuff to suit me.


I would fall in love with the most beautiful (or hideous –depending on your view) piece of furniture (the likes of which your Granny probably had) and would make it my mission for it to feel loved again.  And so Funkage began….
Based near Canterbury, Kent, Funkage is based in an old horticultural nursery where Claire shares business space with her husband, Ross (who works with wood – and is really rather good at it!!) and has lots of tools and machinery that Claire usually steals!


The majority of the stock at Funkage is old, vintage and pre-loved, but we also re-purpose and re-cycle certain household objects to make them desirable again.


We love all the items for sale at Funkage and we are not going to apologise for any of our products/items that we source, produce or upcycle because each item comes from the heart, and each deserves to be loved.


We source our items from all over and have a great network of contacts and suppliers, from reclaimed wood to vintage antiques.


We hope you love our stuff just as much as we do.
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